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Little Lucky Lena
AQHA #5669003 ~ Red Roan Mare - Foaled: 5-4-14
Shown with her 2020 Colt (Not For Sale)

Smart Painted Lena {Smart Little Lena {Doc O'Lena
{Smart Peppy
{Moria Sugar {Son O Sugar
{Stay With Me
Mistea On The Meadow {Nestea {Paprika Pine
{Krogs Nestoria
{Misty Meadows {Forallitsworth
{Sugar Bird Too

Fletches Lady
AQHA #4590630 ~ Sorrel Mare - Foaled: 1-31-04

Royal Fletch {Jae Bar Fletch {Doc's Jack Sprat
{Jae Bar Lena
{Royal Blue Dually {Dual Pep
{Royal Blue Boon
Brim Lady {Tanquery Gin {Doc O'Lena
{Gin Echols
{Black Brim {Peppy San Badger
{Hat Brim

Two Eyed Rockinrobin
AQHA #4896777 ~ Grullo Mare - Foaled: 5-19-06

This grulla/dun mare comes from the line of PAR THREE, the phenomenal rope horse and performance horse producer. Due to an old injury, she is classified as broodmare sound only. She carries the creme gene, and has fine foals.

Dash N Two Eyes {Dash N Par {Par Three
{Miss Molly Dash
{Snippy Two Eyes {Chief Two Eyes
{Cucas Snippy
Illini Rockin Robin {Illini Cactus King {Warbonnet Twist
{Reno Robin
{Gaces Royal Lace {Apache Trouble
{Grace And Beauty

Docs Breezy Dice
AQHA #4159069 ~ Gray Mare - Foaled: 4-13-01

Too Blue Breezy {Hes Smooth And Blue {Smooth At Heart
{Blue Two Rocks
{Breezy Too Good {Wild Horse Breezy
{Mollys Follie
Fan The Dice {Docs Seven Eleven {Doc's Prescription
{Kay Otoe
{Fanny Flirt {Mr Roxana Lee
{True's Snooks

Aho Sixes Breeze
AQHA #5770578 ~ Gray Mare - Foaled: 4-9-16

Sixes Pick {Tanquery Gin {Doc O'Lena
{Gin Echols
{Natural Pick {Tenino Badger
Docs Breezy Dice {Too Blue Breezy {Hes Smooth And Blue
{Breezy Too Good
{Fan The Dice {Docs Seven Eleven
{Fanny Flirt

Numa Moonshine Cat
AQHA #5769759 ~ Sorrel Mare - Foaled: 4-11-16

Cats Moonshine {High Brow Cat {High Brow Hickory
{Smart Little Kitty
{Genuine Moonshine {Genuine Doc
{Peppys Red Moon
Quickory Chapolin {Docs Quickory {Doc's Hickory
{Lauro Lassie
{SPD Miss Olena {San Peppys Doc
{Docs Rock Olena

Pelelani Forkland
AQHA ~ Filly - Foaled: 5-5-20

Forkland {Stoli {First Down Dash
{Strawberry Silk
{Living Dolly {Vim N'Sugar
{Ginnys Muneca
Docs Breezy Dice {Too Blue Breezy {Hes Smooth And Blue
{Blue Two Rocks
{Breezy Too Good {Wild Horse Breezy
{Mollys Follie

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