True North Horses

In Loving Memory of Forkland (2008-2021)

An own son of the famed Stoli, Champion racing stallion and World Champion Sire

"Like human beings, horses are all individuals with singular personalities, their own virtues and their own faults. We become bound to them for their beauty, their eccentricities, their heart and the love they so often return to us." - Lana Slaton

Forkland came to True North Horses in 2012 from the 6666 Ranch in Guthrie, TX. Since the moment he stepped off the trailer, Forkland had never met a stranger. Ever the gentleman, Forkland was always the first to greet anyone that came to the ranch. His soft brown eyes and gentle nickers would make everyone forget about the state of world and enjoy the beauty of the moment. To some, Forkland is the sire of their horse, to others he was steadfast competition in the roping pen but to most he was family.

Speaking of family, the bond between Forkland and True North Horses' Amy Griffin and her son, TNH ranch manager, Trey Griffin was once in a lifetime. Forkland was a guiding light in the creation of the True North Horse's breeding program we know today. Forkland was, and still is, a symbol of new beginnings for the True North team. In his time at Pearl Ranch, Forkland taught many lessons to all that were willing to learn. Wise beyond his years and more patient than most, every lesson was a treasure to anyone lucky enough to be present. His calm disposition coupled with his jokester personality brought clarity on cloudy days and humor to every situation. Forkland gave courage to those in need and was the inspiration for so many life changing decisions at True North Horses @ Pearl Ranch. His memory lives on in the trees and grass where he roamed free with his herd of mares and through the memories of riding the pastures with friends and spending time with loved ones.

Forkland was Trey's partner in crime and roping mount for a considerable portion of his life. There was no task too big or too small for Forkland and Trey. The duo spent countless hours together on the ranch and on the road. From daily maintenance of the ranch to day-long excursions working (or finding) cattle or rodeos far away, there w as not a more trustworthy and dependable mount than Forkland. Anyone who was lucky enough to see this team work together immediately recognized that Trey and Forkland were made for each other. The bond between Trey and Forkland is something every horseman and woman would be honored to experience during their lifetime.

During his time at True North Horses, Forkland sired 22 foals. Fourteen mares and eight colts live on to continue the legacy of Forkland through multiple disciplines across the country. Every foal sired by Forkland inherited his incredible brain, willingness to please and impeccable conformation. Feedback from every owner always includes how brilliant their Forkland colt is, and how much they want to please. Some even claim they're the best horse they have ever swung a leg over.

For those lucky enough to own a horse sired by Forkland, give them a little extra love for us here at True North Horses. Each one carries the True North Brand and a piece of our hearts with them. We can't wait to see what the future holds for Forkland's legacy and this beautiful extended family he gave us. Thank you to everyone who has supported us here at True North Horses over the years through purchasing a horse or even sharing our posts. To us, this isn't a goodbye to Forkland, it's a "see you later old friend!"

True North Horses
Fort Worth, Texas

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